Mark Brigden is a leading Australian Business Coach, Mentor and Strategist. He's also an Author, Dreamer and a Game Changer. 

A Business Coach operates to help you get the best out of yourself. They work on your mindset to help overcome your limiting factors and they help you get clarity about the way forward. They’ll ask questions to help you understand the right direction for you, hold you accountable for your actions and thus enable you to realise your potential.

Strategist on the other hand provides strategic input by way of suggestions around the full gambit of business operations. This could include rebranding, marketing ideas, networking, admin processes, how to better utilise technology, productive alliances and good old customer service.

I combine both aspects. That means we work together to get the best out of you and your business.
  • Increasing Your Revenue
  • Expanding Your Operations
  • Business Growth
  • Streamlining your Current Operation
  • Improving Your Quality of Life
  • Plus Many More...
What I really do is provide strategies and techniques to help business owners become 
outrageously successful, by giving them opportunities their competitors don’t have.


Face to Face (Local Clients in Redlands, Australia)


Skype Calls (International Clients)

Eric Olsen, Savvy Numbers

Working with Mark has proven to be very valuable for us to date in setting our business strategies.  Mark has worked closely with us to help us develop a strategy that is targeted at our niche market that reflects the knowledge, skills and passion that we have for the business. 

One of the greatest benefits that Mark has brought to our business is the motivation to think outside the square and develop a business model that is scalable.  He holds us accountable for taking action and has supported us to move outside of our comfort zone.” 

Camilla Davis, Coffee Shop Entrepreneur

Having owned and operated my coffee shop for over 5 years I felt we had reached a plateau and I needed a fresh set of eyes to go over strategies, accounts and general business practices to blow some new life into my business.  I engaged Mark Brigden and found he has a holistic approach to business with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

I come from a marketing and business background and Mark coached and trained me on a level that was challenging and extremely successful for my business. 

Mark and I would meet on a weekly basis and I feel one of the biggest advantages of having your own business coach is to be held accountable – every week! We would set strategies and goals one week and review outcomes and success rates the next. 

After working with Mark for 6 months I decided to sell the business so that I could focus on our little family and thanks to Mark our P&L was looking so good that I received a much higher price than anticipated

I cannot recommend Mark highly enough, he has an excellent understanding and know-how of how to improve your business and take it to the next level.

Geoff Orr, Financial Advisor and Principal, Brisbane Money Management 

Mark helped grow a business of which I was a Director many times over—if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business, Mark’s your man!

Dawn Parker-Jones, Boutique Salon Coaching  

Being in an industry that I feel very comfortable with you may wonder why we need other people to guide/support us. When meeting Mark Brigden and learning of the skill set that Mark has reached over many years of developing his Coaching and Strategy business the answers were right there. 

Mark really hit areas of business that I needed support with, plus importantly to be made accountable in doing what I said I would l do. I know, if the truth be known we can all be guilty of side tracking or even avoiding STUFF!!! 

Thank you Mark, not only for your Mentoring but for your support in my business. I really can see development and growth within myself and my Boutique Salon Coaching Business.

Paul Timms, CEO National Coaching Institute  

There are over 10,000 business in the Redlands area alone, so Mark can’t help everyone on a personal basis. So make sure you get the chance to work with the experienced man they call The Business Whisperer.

Bruce Hutchison, The Hutchison Moore Team, Remax Bayside Property

Results Speak For Themselves: We have been working with Mark since the start of the year to improve our results in 2015.  It is now the end of July 2015 and we have closed over three quarters of our gross turnover for the whole of 2014 and we still have 5 months to run. 

Mark has kept us accountable to our goals and given us ideas to improve our presence in the market place, whilst doing that without spending thousands through marketing that doesn’t yield results.  Mark is a savvy businessman and we are lucky to have crossed paths with him before the end of 2014.  If we hadn’t, I don’t believe we would be achieving the great successes that we are this year. If you think that your business needs another set of eyes to make dramatic improvements, you are probably right.  

Don’t look further than Mark for his 20/20 vision to take you to the next level.  He has shown us the way and we would whole heartedly say that you should look to him to work with you to get to the right destination. Speak to Mark and you will be soon singing his praises too.
If you want the hands-on approach to take you and your business to the next level...
The best part is there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied 
with any month’s coaching. 

I do charge monthly in advance, however this eliminates any risk 
you have and ensures you will be more than satisfied with the results.
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